Ademco 4180/4180EC User Codes

Panel Master Code = User 1 (Master Code is programmed into a chip and cannot be changed)

Customer Master Code = User 2 (Customer Master Code, cannot be changed except by Panel Master Code)

Secondary Codes = User 3 to 8

Duress Code = User Code + 1 (Example: If user code is 1234 duress is 1235)

Note: Duress will not work if user code ends in 9

Note: If the Panel and Customer Master Code is unknown system will require replacing

Do Not pause more than 2 seconds while entering commands or it will work

Add Code Master Code + 8 + User (3 to 8) + New Code (Keypad should give 1 beep)

Erase Code Master Code + 8 + User (3 to 8) wait 5 seconds (Keypad should give 1 beep)

After above commands keypad should beep indicating successful, if not try again