Ademco Power Ratings

Keypads 4127 Fixed English (old) 20mA

4137 Fixed English (old) 60mA

4157 Alpha (old) 120mA

5137 Alpha (old) 90mA

5330 Alpha (old) 80mA standby 105mA active

6127 Fixed English 25mA standby 30mA active

6128 Fixed English 25mA standby 30mA active

6128RF Fixed English with Receiver 60ma standby 120mA active

6137 Fixed English 85mA

6139 Alpha 40mA standby 100mA active

6139AV Alpha w/2-way Speaker 55mA standby 200mA active

6148 Fixed English 30mA standby 55mA active

6149EX Slim-line Fixed English 40mA standby 60mA active

6150 Fixed English 30mA standby 55mA active

6150RF Fixed English with Receiver 80mA standby 105mA active

6150V Fixed Engish with Voice 60mA standby 160mA active

6160 Alpha 40mA standby 160mA active

6160RF Alpha with Receiver 10mA standby 150mA active

6160V Alpha with Voice 60mA standby 190mA active

6164 Apha with Relay/4-Zone Expander 190mA (Backlight On, Sounder On)

115mA (Backlight On, Sounder Off)

55mA (Backlight Off, Sounder Off)

Relay = Max rated 1A, 24V AC/DC

6165EX Slim-line Alpha 40mA standby 70mA active

6270 Graphic 210mA backlight on sounds on

190mA backlight on sounds off

180mA backlight off sounds off

6271CV Color Graphic with Voice 105mA background Off sounds Off

159mA background On sounder Off

230mA background On sounder On

6271V Graphic with Voice 105mA background Off sounds Off

137mA background On sounder Off

210mA background On sounder On

Symphony 150mA LCD off sounds off (standby)

(comes with a power supply) 200mA LCD off sounds on

350mA LCD on sounds off

400mA LCD on sounds on

Cellular/Internet 7720 Radio/Cellular Programmer 100mA when connected to device

7820 Radio Backup 100mA at room temperature

225mA at 41 degrees

7835C Cellular Backup 80mA standby 200mA to 1.5A when transmitting

7845C Cellular Backup 100mA standby 600mA when transmitting

100mA if "Current Limiter" option is on

7845GSM Cellular Backup 35mA standby 500mA when transmitting

7845i Internet Module 80mA standby 110mA active

7847i Internet Module 20mA standby 75mA active

Uplink 1500 (old metal version) 180mA standby, up to 1.3A while transmitting

Uplink 1500 (new plastic version) 80mA standby, up to 1.5A while transmitting

Vista-ICM Internet Module 200mA

Modules 4190OWH Dual Point RPM Module 2mA if set to high current

  1. mA if set to low current

4204 Relay Module 15mA + 40mA per active relay

4208 Polling Loop Module 16mA

4208U Polling Loop Module 28mA

4219 Zone Expander 30mA

4229 Zone Expander/Relay Module 30mA relays off 100mA relays on

4284 Phone Module 160mA active

4285 Phone Module 160mA active

4286 Phone Module 220mA active 300mA with optional warning speaker

4281 Receiver 35mA

5881/5882 Receiver 60mA

5883 Receiver 80mA

Optiflex Video 600mA with no cameras

  1. A max with cameras

Eagle 1225 2-way Board 80mA standby 180mA active 600mA Siren active

Eagle 1226 2-way Board 80mA standby 180mA active 800mA Siren active

Eagle 1241 2-way Board (old version) 80mA standby 300mA active

Eagle 1241 2-way Board (new version) 80mA standby 120mA active

Eagle 1242 Terminator 2-way Board 44mA standby 180mA active 210mA Siren active

Eagle 1250 Terminator 2-way Board 30mA standby 180mA active 210mA Siren active

Verifier + 2-way Board 8mA standby 180mA active 240mA Siren active

UVS Intercom Module 75mA standby 110mA active

600mA if all 7 stations are used

UVS Intercom station (each) 14mA standby 70mA active

Misc Devices Standard Motion 20mA (average)

Microwave Motion 30mA to 50mA (average)

Glassbreak 25mA to 35mA (average)

Smoke Detector 40mA to 50mA (average)

Ademco 702 "Bullhorn" Outdoor Siren 1200mA

Ademco 719 "Bullhorn" Siren 550mA

Ademco 747 Indoor Siren 400mA

Ademco 747UL Indoor Siren 320mA

Ademco 744 Siren Driver 1300mA

Ademco 745X3 Voice Siren Driver 1100mA

Ademco 748 Interior Siren 1200mA

Ademco SP-20S Interior Siren 250mA

Ademco Wave 2 Interior Siren 500mA

Ademco Wave 2EX (for Lynx) 110mA (Internal jumper set to high output)

60mA (Internal jumper set to low output)

Ademco Wave 2PD 100mA to 120mA

Ademco Wave 4 Interior Siren 500mA

ATW Security "Bullhorn" Siren 1A to 1.1A

FBI 299 Voice Siren Driver 1400mA with 8-ohm speakers

1050mA with 12-ohm speakers

875mA with 16-ohm speakers

Napco MVA-1000 Voice Siren Driver 2300mA with 4-ohm speakers

1300mA with 8-ohm speakers

970mA with 16-ohm speakers

Ademco 710 Strobe 350mA

Amseco SL-1 Strobe 250mA average 1.5A peak

Amseco SL-5 Strobe 500mA average 1A peak

Amseco SL-401 Strobe 115mA

ATW STL-35 Strobe 140mA

Street Smart Keyfob Receiver 15mA