DSL Installations

Overview DSL broadband internet service is becoming increasingly more popular in recent years, DSL

works with same phone line as used with traditional telephone service. DSL splits the phone

line into 2 data paths, the low path (below 4khz) is used for standard voice signals and the higher

path (above 4khz) is used for computer data. A typical customer is then able to use the phone

service while online with the internet. This method of phone service often causes problems with

alarm panels not being able to communicate because of the added high frequency signals, several

manufacturers including Ademco and GE may not work properly.

DSL service is offered as an option by many phone companies and the installation of may vary…

  1. The phone company will install an outside splitter which splits the DSL and voice paths onto

separate lines. This method is preferred because it isolates both the alarm system and customer

phones from DSL, a DSL filter is not required by the panel or customer phones.

  1. DSL is enabled by switching the service at the phone company which then sends out simple DSL

filters to the customer to install themselves on every phone, these filters are not compatible with

an alarm system.

The 2nd method of installation is by far the most common because it requires less effort by the phone company

and is less expensive for both the phone company and customer. It is also the method most likely to cause problems

with alarm panels.

Excelsus Technologies manufacturers a DSL filter designed for an alarm panel, this filter splits the DSL signal into

low and high frequencies and allows an alarm panel to communicate without disrupting DSL internet service.

We have used it many times with success and is available from ADI or many other alarm retailers for a reasonable

price (between $12 and $20). Because of its simple installation and installer or customer can add this device.

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