Firelite MS4812/4824A

Resetting Reset Key

Alarm Bell Silence Bell Silence Key

Keypad Silence Buzzer Silence Key

(If alarm from water flow sensor bells won't reset until water turned off)

Bypassing Zone Disable (#) Key + Zone number, repeat to clear bypass

Status Lights

A/C Power On

Alarm Alarm Condition Detected

Supervisory Supervisor Condition Detected

Trouble Zone, Sensor and/or System Trouble

Disable Zone, Sensor and/or System Bypassed

Program Mode User in Programming

Test Mode When any Test activated

Display Display Mode (shows alarms, troubles, bypasses, superv.)

Enter Display Mode Press Display (*) Key

Exit Display Mode Press End (9) key

System Troubles

A0 Polling Loop Short

A1 Programmed by Installer

A2 Programmed by Installer

A3 Mail Bell Circuit Fault

A4 Aux Bell Circuit Fault

A5 Ground Fault

A6 Telco Line 1 Fault

A7 Telco Line 2 Fault

A8 Low Battery (Main backup)

A9 A/C Power Loss

AA Kiss Off Failure

AB Bell Silenced

Disable Zones/Sensors/Outputs have been bypassed

E0 Main Bell Disabled

E1 Aux Bell Disabled

E2 Aux Alarm Relay Disabled

E3 Aux Trouble Relay Disabled

E4 Reversing Relay Disabled

E5 Communicator Disabled

Other Keypad Keys STEP (6) Key allows viewing of display at one time in sequence

SCAN (5) Key returns to automatic zone display sequence

END (9) Key returns to regular operating mode