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Kenny Words

Uppertory Resperatory

Bionic Fluids

Photogenic Memory






Marshal Technician

Notary Republican

Accidental Arson

Kenny Phrases

Every Dog has his day, some have two

I'm calling you based on the matter of the fact

Correct me if I'm right

The siren will throw off your equalibrium

People in brick houses shouldn't throw glass

Don't bite the foot that feeds you

Grass grows greener under your feet

We will dispatch the Medical Department

Going to get done when really has to be done!

My true and honest opinion about wireless is it is not environmentally friendly

Get some Administratum

I called the Animated phone line to find out what movies are playing

My mom once made chili that can melt through glass

Kenny Accomplishments

Girlfriend shot herself in the heart twice

Mother made one thousand dozen tamale's one night

Two deers with one shot

Hands are registered with San Antonio Police Department

Punched a guy through a glass window then had to administer CPR

Only man to ever drive to San Antonio from Dallas in 2.5 hours

Holds the record for shortest time a driveshaft stayed connected to a car

Repairs vehicles that ALWAYS break down in San Antonio on Sunday and Mondays

How to Spot a Kennyism

Watch for a laugh at the beginning of any story

Watch for any story period!