Radionics 5200 Programmer

  1. Plug in programmer to panel using 4-pin or phone plug connector (depends on panel)

  2. Turn on programmer by pressing ON

  3. At "Password" prompt press ENTER

  4. Press arrow keys to scroll to panel type then press ENTER GROUP

  5. Highlight "NEW RECORD"

  6. Reset panel by either closing the program switch or short program pin to ground (depends on panel)

  7. Press RECV/COPY to load programming from panel

  8. If successful display shows "COPY SUCCESSFUL")

(If panel was locked by previous programmer display will show "INVALID DATALOCK")

  1. Use arrow keys to highlight program groups then press ENTER GROUP to enter a program group

  2. Use arrow keys to scroll group fields, to change enter new data then ENTER

  3. To send programming to panel of that program group press SEND/LOAD

  4. To send all programming to panel exit from program groups and press SEND/LOAD

  5. To exit press EXIT GROUP until "SAVE RECORD" appears, enter account number then ENTER to save

  6. To turn off programmer exit to top menu, use arrow keys to scroll to "5200 OFF" then ENTER or